Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Makeup? What makeup? A makeup story

As long as I can remember, I wasn't into makeup.  I started using makeup when I was in highschool, I saw my classmates using clear mascara, eyelash curler, lipgloss and pink powder.  At that age, everybody thought girls using makeup are beautiful and since I didn't have that much money I experimented with my mom's makeup collection (just like the rest of us).  I started using her lipstick, just to see how it looks on me, and she would reprimand me on this saying that makeup are not for little girls.

When I started working, our culture is very conservative and you don't really see people wearing makeup all the time (only on special events and is usually done by a professional).  Thus my interest was again placed on hold, I would randomly buy one or two items that are usually cheap and not branded then that's it.

My interest grew when I started working abroad and watching all the makeup videos in YouTube.  It got me thinking, since I have money why not make myself look better? And so I experimented and I experimented very often using the techniques I learned from the different gurus.  To date, I don't consider myself an expert on makeup and it would be milestones before I become a guru but at least I know what colors and techniques works for me.

In the end, makeup should be about making you feel confident and not turning you into a whole different person.  It should still make you look like you and not somebody else.  It's enhancing your natural features.

I will forever love makeup, it really fascinates me.

And to other women out there, I hope it inspires you too.


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